August 22, 2013

Even though the regular season didn't end like Dirt hoped, they ended up taking eighth overall, winning a head-to-head tiebreaker with the Tokyo Giants who they would eventually have to play in a first-round, one-game playoff. Dirt came out firing in their first matchup, combining solid defense with timely hitting ... powered by three home runs, all with men on base. But with all of the higher seeds winning their first round games, this left Dirt in the unenviable position of having to play first-place Primanti Brothers in round two.

Though they were outgunned and missing their best player, Dirt put up a heckuva fight. Dirt led late into game one, until Primantis put up a big inning late to seal it away. In game two, Dirt went down early but kept plugging away at the plate and was able to play strong enough defense to hold off any late rallies and force a game three. Unfortunately Dirt ran out of gas in the third go-round, giving up a string of big innings and losing in only five innings. But it was a great showing against a Primantis team that only had three losses in the regular season.

Though maybe it wasn't a perfect year for Dirt, it was still a successful season overall. If they had been able to put away a few more games that they should have won, they could have had a winning record and possibly pushed further into the postseason. But as it was, Dirt still played a some good softball throughout the year and had a lot of fun doing it. Reports of their demise have been greatly exaggerated! They probably need the full offseason to recover from all the sore muscles and joints (remember to stretch!), but look for more Dirt in 2014.

August 6, 2013

For all the "hype" leading up to it, Softball-a-palooza didn't go too well. Dirt lost 6-of-8, which is not good during a late stretch run. While the team did likely secure a spot in the playoffs, their postseason seeding took a major hit. And it couldn't be good for the team confidence or for getting on a roll. They were short a number of players during the week, but on the other hand they played some of their best ball against Bottleshop when they had the fewest people!

Dirt only has one doubleheader left to try and find themselves and to make a final push to a .500 record. The first round of the playoffs is a one-game play-in, so getting the best seed possible is important. The standings are hard to decipher with a lot of games for other teams still unplayed or unreported. But Dirt needs to focus on what they can control themselves: winning games. The rest will fall as it may.

July 25, 2013

After a long layoff due to rain and rescheduling (no games in two weeks and only one game over a full month's time), Dirt finally got back to some regular action against the Drama Queens and the Tokyo Giants. The results were pretty good, as Dirt was able to take 3-out-of-4. Dirt has a few days off to recover, but after that ....

Softball-a-palooza is here! Starting Sunday, Dirt will have four games in only six days. Wives will be salty, families will be missed, and responsibilites at home will be shirked. But it's all for a good cause - softball (and beer, of course). That time of year when the season hits a crazy crescendo of slow-pitch sweetness. The slate is not an easy one, as it includes games against RFN, the Rebels, and Bottleshop. But Dirt will need to show it's mettle here if it has true postseason plans.

So start stretching those muscles now. Keep the bats warm and the gloves soft. And for those that owe K-beer, it's time to make good on your tokens of shame. The festival at Marmion is about to get underway.

July 5, 2013

Things started off pretty well with the season, but then the rains conspired to knock out the last two Sunday games. In between that, Dirt won a couple against Harry's, but then got soundly thwumped by the Bumpkinz. The team will have been off almost two weeks before it (hopefully) plays it's next games this Sunday against Primantis.

The last week of the regular season looks crazy. A real softball-a-palooza, with three games in five days and a rainout makeup that may get added in around that time. The playoffs could start out with a round of single elimination games, so hopefully Dirt can get on a roll by then.

May 28, 2013

Softball time is here again, although by the weather you wouldn't know it. One day it feels like March, the next day late August. But somewhere in the middle there, the USC season will get underway. Due to a shortage of teams, and in particular B-level teams, the league is back to one big division again. Everyone plays each other once (doubleheader), meaning eight more regular season games than last year. A true softball-a-palooza!

Everyone is a year older and has more things to do. But seriously, what's more important than softball? Okay, don't answer that. Still, Dirt will have some new blood to fuel the fires, playoff experience to build on once again after sitting out 2011, and the same warning NOT to play basketball in the off-season. Keep it here as usual for all the updates!